Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver is an entry-level diver certification for recreational scuba diving. Open Water Diver Certification consists of a combination of knowledge development (theory), confined water dives (practical training), and open water dives (experience) suitable to allow the diver to dive on open circuit scuba, in open water to a limited depth and in conditions similar to those in which the diver has been trained or later gained appropriate experience, to an acceptable level of safety.

Into The Ocean, PADI open water divers will work through the PADI Open Water curriculum to obtain their certification.  With this certification, our divers will be able to move their scuba adventures into the open ocean or lakes up to a depth of 60 feet.

With the Into The Ocean Scuba Club, our divers will have opportunities to join in with peers and volunteers and experience the incredible diving opportunities in their area.  They will be able to continue developing their skills and begin their journey to further their certification levels