About us

Tiffany and Keith Newman started diving in 2021 and decided immediately that the ocean Scuba life was for them and that they wanted to share that passion not just with their own family but with other young people. They realized the sport was not available for everyone due to many reasons and before long Into the Ocean was born from their passion.

For many of us, scuba diving has been inspirational, meditative, therapeutic, fun, and, social. Divers know that scuba diving has a unique benefit on psychological factors. Diving can affect our state of mind, emotional regulation, and how we view ourselves and our abilities, in particular our confidence, esteem and worthiness. By the fundraising and volunteer work that Into the Ocean provides, we are able to introduce our youth to life in the ocean, and as a scuba diver at a critical time in their lives. We can provide a pathway that includes inspiration, growth, and a future. We provide mentorship, opportunities, and passion for the sport of scuba diving and those who take part.

In a quest for knowledge, Into the Ocean Society also has an invested interest in studying the physiological effects of scuba diving. Changes to breathing, heart rate, and most importantly, chemical changes such as the release of endorphins and effects on the endocrine system. We know that serotonin is a mood-stabilizing chemical that is naturally found in the body. Studies have shown, people facing addiction issues tend to have lower serotonin levels. Our hypothesis is that by exposing one to the meditative effects of scuba diving, this will provide the necessary environment to naturally boost the serotonin levels in a person. Alternately, we aim to study the effects of dopamine release during scuba diving activities. The hypothesis is that by creating a dopamine release, much like the dopamine release drugs provide to an addict, scuba could be used for harm reduction. A natural way to recreate a dopamine release, yet at the same time, in an environment that also encourages serotonin development.

We could not operate without the help of many people. Because of our incredibly generous donors, we are able to acquire and maintain the necessary equipment, organize events and expeditions and to bridge the financial gap that holds back so many youths from reaching their full potential. We are also able to study and gain a deeper understanding of how we as a group can help to bring some change to our communities. We also would not be able to operate without the expert knowledge and passion of all our volunteers. These are the people that educate and inspire and most importantly foster a safe environment for our youth. They serve as true ambassadors to our sport and role models to our youth.