Into The Ocean Scuba Expeditions

Pushing your diving boundaries, venturing into the unknown, discovering a new wreck, or conducting vital underwater research – there are many reasons why divers enjoy the challenge of expedition diving. Expedition diving is something we can all take part in. It adds a purpose to your diving, which can be extremely rewarding and often greatly develop divers’ experience and skills. Expedition diving will take our youth beyond the average club dive.

Once our expedition group has been formed, together and with the guidance of their mentors, they will begin to map out their dream. They will form a purpose and a goal for the expedition. They will research their chosen dive sites to gain perspective on the viability of the plan. They will work as a team to delegate tasks and share their findings. They will have to consider costs, budget, fund-raising, dive planning and logistics, skill levels, personal kits and everything else that goes into planning a successful expedition.

Into The Ocean, expedition dives are the ultimate goal within our group. A life-changing experience to help catapult our youth into their diving futures.