Becky Butt

PADI & BSAC Scuba Instructor and co-owner of Coastal Divers

Becky is a PADI & BSAC Instructor and has been teaching for a number of years. Becky and her husband Tim run Coastal Divers. She still remembers the start of her own Scuba journey and her only wish was that she’d started sooner! Becky learnt to dive in the chilly waters of Alberta in a glacial fed lake in Waterton National Park. Soon after that she was hooked on a Scuba expedition to Egypt when she came face to face with a turtle on the world famous Thistlegorm wreck from WW2. She brings experience, knowledge and a calming influence to any dive site. Becky jumped at the chance to be part of this programme and thoroughly enjoys helping young people find their own scuba journey.